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151 E 10th Street
Erie, PA 16501

Here for you then. Here for you now.

Sargent expanded our operations in Erie in 2022, when we welcomed Niagara Electric to our team. Our goal is to grow the Erie business by leveraging the Sargent relationships with other Locals and to extend ongoing Niagara relationships. The Niagara focus on the telecommunications business integrates well with Sargent’s other telecommunications work.   We are also leveraging our Erie location to grow our business, building on long term Sargent relationships with facilities in the Erie area and beyond.

Years in business

Local Project Highlight:

Verizon Facilities


Sargent has performed work on Verizon facilities throughout the region. The projects consist of work located at physical building locations across PA.  The scope of work is typically made up of standard HVAC and electrical upgrades across all these mission critical facilities.  Specialized policies and procedures, safety requirements and technical understanding of the facilities are required to perform the work associated within each facility. Critical methods of procedures are developed for every step, to eliminate the opportunity of outages, and adhered to while working in these live facilities.