Jungle Trees With Lots Of Green And Bright Sun

At Sargent, sustainability is a lens we look through as we make decisions both for our internal business operations and on behalf of our customers as we help them find the best solutions for their new capital projects and their existing operations.  By focusing on the elements of sustainability (energy efficiency, water, waste minimization, and greenhouse gas reductions), we are able to convert complex concepts into goals that everyone can understand and participate in – both on our projects, in our fixed base operations, and at home.

We are active in a number of groups that are focused on sustainable development such as CEO’s for Sustainability, Sustainable Pittsburgh, and the Allegheny Conference.  We are also participating in regular events such as CleanSweep 15222 and the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge.

In our operations, we are focused on many aspects of our business which are good for business and the environment such as minimizing waste in our procurement and material management processes, energy savings through LED lighting, motion sensors, and fleetwide GPS implementation to optimize our fleet movements and fuel utilization.

Our project work with our customers leads us to many advanced technology projects that integrate sustainable development principles into the design and construction of the projects.  Bringing LEAN construction principles to our projects also builds sustainability principles into the projects by design by minimizing waste and more efficient delivery.