BP Whiting Refinery ModernizationWhiting, IN

Power distribution centers

Project Overview

Sargent Electric & Partners (Foster Wheeler, Fluor Corporation, and MC Industrial) delivered the electrical, instrumentation and communications scope for the Coker Unit, Gas Oil Hydrotreater, and Outside Battery Limits Work for the Whiting Refinery. At the peak of this project, Sargent employed approximately 1,300 electricians, pipefitters, operators, laborers, and 28 Safety Specialists.

Project Details

  • Full electrical, instrumentation, and communications scope
  • High voltage power feed systems
  • Power distribution centers

Gas Oil Hydrotreater

Sargent Electric performed the installation of the all electrical requirements for the new Gas, Oil, Hydro Treater Unit (GOHT), which removed sulfur and nitrogen from gas oil. This Unit was one of seven pillars being added.

Out Side Battery Limits (OSBL)

This work included relocation of high voltage power feed systems, as well as various temporary power facilities throughout the site. Ancillary projects included various Tank Farms, new Cooling Towers, Area Lighting, new Gas Oil Hydro Treater (GOHT) Flare Complex and South Flare Stack.

Coker Unity

Sargent Electric performed the installation of the all electrical requirements, enhancing process safety, increasing coke production and producing more naphtha, along with associated piperack systems and other ancillary equipment.

Alamitos Battery Storage
Alamitos Battery Storage
Full tower

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