Great Cranberry Island ReconductorCranberry Island, ME

Island Utility Work

Project Overview

The Great Cranberry Island Reconductor project in­volved the rebuilding of 2 miles of No. 6 primary, with replacement of approximately 0.7 miles of three-phase conductor. The work continued approximately 1.4 miles on Cranberry Road with the replacement of the existing two-phase with three-phase conductor end at pole 128402, which is the riser to Little Cranberry Island. There were approximately 79 poles, including push braces, that were installed during the completion of this project.

The Cranberry Island project was unique in that it was performed on an island, adjacent to Mount Desert Is­land, home to Acadia National Park. All equipment and personnel were transported to Great Cranberry Island on barges, and the field personnel were lodged in rent­ed houses on the island throughout the duration of the project. This was an end-to-end reconductoring on the island.

Project Details

  • Rebuilding of 2 miles of No. 6 CU primary
  • Replacement of 0.7 miles of three-phase conductor
Great Cranberry Island Reconductor
Great Cranberry Island Reconductor
Full tower

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