Pitt Ohio Parma Trucking TerminalParma, PA

Trucking Terminal

Project Overview

Sargent completed the new LEED Certified Pitt Ohio Trucking Terminal in Parma, Ohio. This scope of work incorporated the required standard electrical system as well as a complete, integrated renewable energy system.  The renewable energy system is a microgrid that is comprised of a PV solar array, battery energy storage system, and wind turbines that are managed via a custom designed controller system.  The system will store and consume power on-site with all excess load shedding to the utility grid.

This renewable system is a direct result of the R&D of the smaller scale microgrid constructed at the Harmer facility.  The replicated system was scaled up by over 750%.

Project Details

  • 500kW rooftop mounted PV array made up of 1,500 panels.
  • 1000kW battery energy storage system
  • Eight 60’ vertical wind turbines
  • Custom designed software and controller system
Pig Iron Caster
Pig Iron Caster
Full tower

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