Pittsburgh Airport MicrogridPittsburgh, PA

20MW Microgrid

Project Overview

Sargent constructed this microgrid with power generated from a 20 MW power plant, with 17MW coming from PIT’s on-site natural gas wells. The project is fueled in part by the airport’s own on-site natural gas wells; 9,360 solar panels covering eight acres. The microgrid serves the airfield, terminals, hotel, and fuel facilities. It also remains connected to the main local power grid for backup power, if needed. Detailed scope

A first-of-its-kind 20 MW microgrid completely powered by natural gas and solar energy at the Pittsburgh International Airport; making PIT one of the most resilient airports in the world.

Project Details

  • 9,360 solar panels
  • 20MW power plant


Allegheny County Airport Authority

General Contractor:

People’s Natural Gas

Completion Date:

May 2021

Full tower

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