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Project Overview

Russia and Ukraine account for more than 60% of the pig iron imported into the United States. US Steel was faced with pig iron shortages after Russia invaded Ukraine, choking off exports from both countries. With the new Pig Iron Caster at Gary Works facility, U.S Steel can produce 500,000 tons of pig iron per year.

This project was completed despite its challenging external environment. External challenges included the volatile geopolitical environment, complex international supply chains, uncertainty due to COVID-19 pandemic and possible resurgences, and limited availability of craft labor in the local market.

Sargent was brought on to assist in the constructability of the Pig Iron Caster for US Steel. Our crews worked alongside Hatch, Morrison, and USS to design and plan the execution of construction.

Sargent was responsible for:

  • Installation of 13.8kV double ended service from USS Substation to Pig Caster Substation.
  • Pole install and overhead conductor install (3 conductor 500kcmil armored cable) through ring and saddles.
  • Installation of underground duct banks, and cable trays.
  • Custom fabricated brackets and supports.
  • Conduit installation to valves, instruments, and control stations.
  • Assistance with design and engineering.

Project Details

  • 8 kV double ended service.
  • Overhead conductor installation
  • Pole installation
  • Underground duct banks and cable trays
  • Conduit installation
  • Design and engineering
Pig Iron Caster
Pig Iron Caster
Pig Iron Caster
Pig Iron Caster
Full tower

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